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Egads, I've already been tagged by Reid! Naturally, I'm way behind and haven't posted my answers yet, and I've got the other one to do as well. Thank you for thinking of me, though!


All the food blogging events are becoming a full time job. At least it's a fun job! Good luck Moira.


I loved to read your answers and got enthused in purchasing some of the cookbooks you have. That "Professional Chef" and "Baking Illustrated" seem to be very good books, that I am seriously considering ordering. Don't you just love amazon.ca? I am addicted to purchasing books at 11:00 pm


I love buying books online! The last few that I bought though I got used through Alibris and Bookcloseouts.ca. I got some great deals and all but one of the books I ordered arrived (and I think I ordered 8 or 9). I never did get my Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Herme, but I did get a refund from Alibris, so it ended okay.

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